Utilize o poder da Blockchain ao serviço do Governo e Setor público.

Nos últimos anos, organizações governamentais têm voltado seus olhos para a Blockchain em busca de soluções que possam aperfeiçoar os serviços oferecidos e reduzir seus custos, além de aumentar a credibilidade do setor público trazendo com maior transparência para a população.

Dados imutáveis, auditáveis, acessíveis e livres de fraude também são características que despertam o interesse de órgãos públicos para a Blockchain.

Here are some examples of how some governments are using blockchain and cryptocurrencies


In Brazil BOMESP is evaluating with Correios (the brazilian Post Office) the possibility of creating a stable digital currency to reduce the logistic costs of dealing with money and change.

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United States

The US Treasury is currently running a pilot program to determine if Blockchain technology can be used to manage the supply chain.

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Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), Spain's second largest bank in assets and capitalization, became the first global bank to use blockchain technology during the entire process of issuing a 75 million euro loan. The Spanish congress unanimously supported the proposal of legislation that would regulate blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the country.

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A Chinese city is launching a fund worth more than $ 1 billion to support the development of blockchain-focused companies. The district government of the new Jiangbei area in Nanjing city has announced the plan to launch the 10 billion yuan blockchain fund (about $ 1.4 billion).

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The country experienced a tremendous growth in its blockchain sector after having made the legal loan of the BTC last year. In an effort to attract even more investment capital to the market, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Accelerator Program began hosting the "Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo"

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The federal government of Australia has decided to invest $ 2.2 million in a blockchain initiative as a way to make its sugar production more competitive. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's coalition has supported the Sustainable Sugar Project, which targets Queensland, Australia's main sugar export region.

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The National Energy Commission decided to adhere to this innovative technology and decided to use blockchain to certify that the information provided in the open data portal has not been changed or modified and left an unchanged record of its existence

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