Let the development of your cryptocurrency in our hands

With a team of lawyers, programmers and advertisers, BOMESP offers the corporate world, non-governmental and governmental associations all the necessary support to fulfill all the stages of the process of development of corporate cryptocurrencies.

All our coins have parity with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Niobium Coin. We work with projects in several segments of the market that wish to take the distributive economy of Cryptocurrencies to your business, offering complete support to your project.

Our work process for an ICO or STO

Analysis and Planning

We act in the revision of the project structure and investigation of possible competitors. We assist in the creation of Whitepaper and in legal advice to regulatory bodies.

Development and launch of the token

We will have a strategic plan to create the token and its development in the Ethereum ERC-20 standard (same used by Niobium Coin), test application and smart contract creation in Blockchain.

Legal Consulting

We will review the main project documents, support the drafting of legal opinion and the organization and review of documents, as well as legal guidelines on publicity and press releases.

Digital Marketing Strategies

We will offer you two-language website development and social page creation, help with email marketing, digital marketing, PR and video recording.

ICO or STO, which one is the best for my project?

The world of cryptocurrencies ascend new ways of raising funds to finance projects through digital assets, which are the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the Security Token Offering (STO).

However, how do you know which model is best for your business? When we did our ICO in 2017 there were many things we would like to know, but we did not have access to this information and we will pass this on to you.

ICO / Utility Tokens

Utility Tokens are those whose virtual assets issued give the investor access to their platform, project or service, in the form of a license to use or credits to consume a good, service or product such as the Bitcoin cryptomoeda. Every token created in an ICO has to have a real-world utility.

STO / Security Tokens

Security Tokens are when the issued assets hold securities characteristics, such as distribution of dividends, equity interests, governance, among other legal characteristics, such as shares, debentures, subscription bonuses, etc.

Colorful Coins

Colorful Coins are categories of cryptoactives that will be traded within the BOMESP platform. The colors assigned to the cryptoactive are to distinguish one cryptoactive from the other in its essential characteristics, in order to facilitate the operator of the platform the operation in the negotiations.

So we split the Colorful Coins as follows:

Gold Coins

Colorful Coins Gold Coins are cryptoactive that act as a reserve of value, based on the reputation of the brand and credibility that the company has in its productive environment. The ICOs of the companies will be initially made by Gold Coins as an alternative of raising funds for the projects of their issuers.

Blue Coins

Blue coins are stable coins, with parity of 1 (local FIAT coin) for 1 (Blue Coin), dedicated to everyday use. Each organization will be responsible for issuing, distributing, receiving and liquidating its blue coin.

Green Coins

The Green Coins are traded on the platform as BOMESP solidarity currencies. They will be released through their respective ICOs only by non-profit associations and government agencies.

Orange Coins

Brokers and Exchanges who choose to partner with BOMESP to negotiate tokens within the platform will be able to issue an Orange Coin for fundraising.

Purple Coins

Purple Coins are cryptoactive traded on the BOMESP platform dedicated to Startups that present MVP (minimum viable product) and opt for an ICO as a form of collective financing.

BOMESP Projects

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Blue coin dedicated to the chain of products and services of the Correios

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